Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist

Commercial building maintenance is no mean feat. Whether the building in question is an office complex, a retail building or a mixed-use commercial property, punctual and reliable maintenance will ensure the structure is kept in optimal condition, the safety of its occupants ensured and the longevity of the building invested in. 

While the list of potential tasks that fall under commercial building maintenance services is extensive, it is manageable with a comprehensive and clear checklist. In this article, we’ll delve into the basics of what you should consider adding to your maintenance checklist to keep any commercial property in the best condition possible. 

What is Commercial Building Maintenance?

Building maintenance can refer to just about any regular upkeep and repair services of a property. These maintenance activities can be related to keeping the structure safe, functional and visually appealing.

Building maintenance tasks can fall under one or multiple of the following categories:

  • Safety – These are tasks that reduce the number of hazards and the risk of accidents/injuries.
  • Preservation – These ensure the life of the building is prolonged.
  • Efficient Utilities – These tasks keep electrical, energy, gas and plumbing systems working efficiently.
  • Occupant Satisfaction – These maintenance activities ensure optimal comfort and functionality.
  • Compliance – Some building maintenance relates to ensuring compliance with current regulations. 

The Importance of a Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist


A commercial building maintenance checklist offers a number of important benefits to help you stay on top of your assigned property.


Enjoy peace of mind that nothing will be overlooked or forgotten.


Knowing the tasks in advance allows you to plan ahead and minimise disruptions to business operations. 

Cost Saving

Keeping up with regular maintenance tasks can help identify and mitigate major issues from developing further down the line.


The better your documentation – and a checklist will help with that – the easier claiming expenses, submitting warranty claims, and ensuring compliance will be.

Recommended Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist


Every property is different in terms of its size, type and needs so while the following checklist is extensive, it may need some amending for your particular application. Nevertheless, it should serve as a solid foundation for your custom building maintenance checklist.

Monthly Tasks

1. Inspect Fire Safety Systems

This includes fire alarms, extinguishers, sprinkler systems, blankets and exit maps. If external certification is required, you may need to arrange this as well.

2. Check HVAC Systems

Monthly cleans or replacements of filters, leak inspections and unusual noise will keep everything running optimally. 

3. Emergency Lighting

Check that all the emergency exit signs and lights are in proper working order.

Quarterly Tasks

1. Roof Inspection

When you inspect the roofing system regularly, make sure to look for loose shingles, leaks or other signs of damage. 

2. Inspect Plumbing

Similar to roofing, inspecting the building’s plumbing should include looking for leaks, clogs and/or signs of water damage which could compromise the system.

3. Building Exterior Check

Examine your building’s facade including windows and doors. Be on the lookout for damage, wear and tear and compromised structural integrity.

Half Yearly Tasks

1. Heating/Cooling System Check

In addition to your monthly DIY checks, schedule professional HVAC services twice a year.

2. Elevator Inspection

Your elevators should be checked every six months to ensure they run safely and efficiently.

3. Car Park Checks

Car parks are subject to cracks, potholes, fading lines and other structural issues requiring attention and repair.

Annual Tasks

1. Building Envelope Inspection

Once a year or more, a thorough inspection of your building needs to be conducted with specific attention given to identifying cracks and gaps that may indicate more serious damage.

2. Electrical System Inspection

Unless you’re a qualified electrician, you’ll need to engage professional services to test your electrical panels, outlets and lighting.

3. Safety Drills

Conducting regular safety, fire and evacuation procedures regularly will ensure everyone is best prepared for safe reaction in the event of a real emergency. 

Every 2 to 5 Years

1. Upgrade Review

Some systems and structures like HVACs and roofing may need upgrades and replacements every few years to keep them in working order.

2. Accessibility Compliance

As building regulation codes and requirements change you may need to update or amend your accessibility features. 

3. Energy Efficiency Audit

Every few years it can be helpful to assess how your building uses energy and implement improvements to save on operational costs and improve efficiency.

As Required


Pest Control

Depending on the situation, you may only need to implement pest control measures when and as necessary. In other instances it can be worthwhile adding pest control services to the twice-a-year list.

Emergency Repairs

When an unexpected issue arises it is best to address it as soon as possible to prevent further damage and ensure the building remains safe for all users and occupants.



Keep Records and Lists

Putting “lists” on a list of tasks may seem too obvious but it is important. Following a comprehensive commercial building maintenance checklist and keeping maintenance of the checklist on the checklist will ensure your property is properly managed, operational costs reduced and the risk of potential damage minimised.

It’s a good idea to regularly update and review the checklist as the building’s needs and facilities change and develop over time. 

The more detailed records you are able to keep of all maintenance activities the better. Try including accurate details regarding dates, tasks, costs, suppliers, identified issues and reminders for review of required items.

Need a hand with your maintenance? Call BIM Sydney

The BIM Sydney team specialise in commercial building maintenance services. Whether you need assistance with a one-off issue or would like to discuss ongoing service to give you the peace of mind and brain space to focus on your day job, just give our team a call today and ask for the commercial building maintenance team.

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