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There are not many more materials in the world stronger, more durable and more reliable than concrete. This versatile material is used in so many ways but since it has such a huge reputation of strength and durability, it can face serious neglect when the signs of needing repair become visible. Concrete repair is possible though and there are ways to not just spot the signs of needing repair but to also maintain it. Professional concrete contractors are skilled professionals that can help bring your concrete back to its former glory and help you maintain it for many years to come.

BIM Remedial have a team of highly skilled and experienced concrete repair specialists.

Our team can assist with:

  • Spalling concrete (Concrete Cancer).

  • Cathodic protection.

  • Carbon fibre strengthening.

  • Structural and waterproofing crack injection repairs.

  • New concrete slabs and driveways.

  • Existing slab levelling.

  • Construction joints (vertical, horizontal and floor joints).

  • Chemical resistant coatings, including epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems.

  • Internal and external waterproofing.

At BIM Remedial, we are able to offer a range of different concreting services from small to large scale projects to builders and construction firms. With an extensive portfolio and being one of the leading companies in the industry, our professional service is one that comes with a wealth of experience. Whether it is commercial Ground Slabs, residential driveways, or even multi-unit suspended slabs, we offer high–quality work combined with a professional service.

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