Brickwork Rectification

Brickwork Rectification Services


Our brick work area covers many facets of the trade including new building extensions, brick veneer or solid brick for single story, double story, commercial buildings.

We undertake all type of brickwork for owner builders, building contractors, property managers and developers. In many older style properties, the most common problem will be cracks in brickwork and these areas can be easily identified and resolved. Water intrusion, lintel damage, direct impact, and salt deterioration are also prevalent causes brickwork damage in a structure. Individual bricks or stones will be noticeably damaged in the majority of these circumstances. However, the mortar joints between bricks or stones may begin to deteriorate or, worse, slide away from the inner lining.

BiM’s Brick Rectification Services

BiM will remove affected bricks, treat the remaining ones as needed to address the effects of salt degradation, and eventually replace the bricks and brick ties as needed before repointing the brickwork to restore the wall to its original condition.

  • Brickwork re-pointing

  • Brick stitching

  • Fretted brickwork replacement

  • Brick pier replacement

  • Brick sealant works

  • Total brickwork remediation services

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