When concrete repairs are needed?

Concrete is one of the most reliable materials in the world. It is strong, durable and can be used in a multitude of ways. Due to its reputation though, it can be neglected and when repairs are needed, it can go unnoticed. Like most building materials though, there is a way to maintain and repair concrete, which is why enlisting the help of professional concrete contractors is the best way to go. Concrete that is exposed to harsh weather conditions can be subjected to a lot of wear and tear, along with other significant environmental factors so learn to notice the signs that your concrete needs some tender love and care. Structural damage, from events like earth tremors can cause the concrete to crack as well as extreme weather conditions can cause the concrete to expand, leading to cracks. Chemical damage from external sources like chlorides and seawater can corrode the concrete as well as various other chemicals reacting with the sulphates in the cement or water leaking into existing cracks and causing the minerals to erode. Loading the concrete structure excessively, being exposed to fire or even just the concrete itself not being reinforced or set properly can lead to cracks and erosion. Concrete contractors like the team at BIM Remedial in Sydney will be able to address any concerns and specialise in concrete repairs. By laying new concrete, fixing the issues and even applying finishes and coats that protect against water and chemicals your concrete will not only look as good as new but it will be able to stay stronger for longer.

Causes of Concrete Cancer or Concrete Spalling

While most concrete can be subjected to regular wear and tear, there is a chance that the issues in your concrete may be a little more extreme. Conditions like concrete cancer or concrete spalling are detrimental to the concretes structural integrity and soon cause major concerns. Normally it starts as a small crack but if you notice any discolouration then it is safe assume you are dealing with a case of concrete cancer so the next step should be to call concrete contractors to give a professional assessment. Concrete cancer disintegrates the concrete and can spread making the concrete brittle. This is particularly concerning if your concrete is part of your home or building. Concrete cancer happens when moisture finds a way in and reacts to the steel that is used to reinforce the concrete when it is laid. The steel will expand, which then causes the concrete to crack, making it brittle. This can spread throughout the concrete. There are any number of reasons why this may occur: poorly poured/laid concrete, insufficient waterproofing, incompatible metals used as structural support, excessive weight being placed on the concrete or even the bars being too close to the surface of the concrete. While it is not always caused by poorly laid concrete, there is a good reason to always seek out professional concrete contractors. Professionals will understand how to avoid concrete cancer as much as possible hence when you hire concrete contractors, particularly those who work for BIM Rmedial, they will be making every effort to avoid any conditions that can cause issues like concrete cancer or concrete spalling.

Our Capabilities 

When it comes to concrete contractors, not all are made equally, which is why those who work for BIM Remedial in Sydney are determined to be a cut above the rest. With a specialisation in remedial works, for structural and non-structural concrete, we are able to cater to all clients throughout the wider Sydney area. Our specialist team, along with our high-level professional equipment, is able to carry out tasks such as concrete repairs, magnesite removal, work on concrete and asphalt, jobs involving balconies and membranes, work with industrial and commercial make goods, general maintenance and repairs and façade works and repairs. We offer our services to strata managers, property professionals, commercial property managers, Engineers and building consultants; we always carry out jobs with strong documentation, rigorous assessment and will be in constant communication to ensure that all work that is carried out is out of necessity, adheres to the clients wishes and is at a professional standard. Priding ourselves on being licensed and certified concrete contractors, we understand the importance of quality work for not just our reputation but for the consideration of all our clients.

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