What is decorative concrete resurfacing

Have you ever had to deal with a damaged concrete surface? It’s usually one of those things caused by seasonal changes and fluctuations in temperature. However, the good news is that concrete surfacing can be repaired. And the best part? Concrete repair in Sydney is perhaps the cheapest top-notch solution as regards buildings and renovations. It doesn’t matter what kind of building, concrete repair will never require you to break the bank.

Having said that, it is obvious that certain individuals do not consider concrete repairs to be visually attractive. While others just want their concrete fixed. If you are a lover of aesthetically alluring concrete designs, then decorative concrete resurfacing is the best choice to make. This is a form of concrete resurfacing that applies to concrete walls and like structures.

Essentially, decorative concrete resurfacing is applied over an existing concrete structure to make it more visually appealing and aesthetically attractive.

Types of Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Here are a few types of decorative concrete resurfacing:

Acid Stain And Acid Etching Resurfacing

Here, the concrete structure is exposed to acid-based treatments. The goal is to have an end product that’s as attractive as stone, wood, or leather.


Concrete Dyes

This is where dyes are used to introduce various patterns and colours to concrete structures.


Concrete Stamping

In this case, moulds are used to carve out beautiful patterns, designs, and textures. The stamping method is used to achieve these unique patterns and textures.


Concrete Engraving

This uses a method that involves the resurfacing of an existing concrete structure to make it look like bricks or cobblestones. This is the kind of decorative concrete resurfacing that is done in the driveways of houses. The engraved patterns are then filled with colours or dyes.

These are common methods used to achieve decorative concrete resurfacing. The choice is yours to make.

Another thing to choose is the right product; the right design without the right product wouldn’t yield the desired aesthetic value.

Materials Used In Decorative Concrete Repair Sydney

Here are some of the materials used to carry out a decorative concrete repair in Sydney:

Sundek Classic Texture

This involves the use of the acrylic coating. One cool thing about acrylic coating is that it makes surfaces resistant to stains, slips, and chemicals. It is often applied to overlay the concrete structure during a repair.

Sundek sun colour stain, sunshine, and Tuscan

This is where the fountain of creativity is turned on. Colours are mixed and blended to make attractive patterns on concrete structures.

Polyurea Polyaspartic Coatings

If you have concrete floors that are always engaged. That is, if the floor receives high traffic, then this material is the best fit. It’s affordable, efficient and durable. It is also fit for use all year round, and thus suitable for use on patios, driveways, etc.

Okay, now that you know the types of decorative concrete resurfacing and some of the materials that can be used. How about some decorative concrete ideas? Check them out below:

  • Colour: You can give your concrete structures a pop of colour. This makes the concrete structure eye-catching and attractive. In your choice of colours, you could go neutral, or bold.
  • Stamp design: a plain concrete floor is often unattractive. To make your concrete repair in Sydney more attractive, you can use the concrete stamping method. This design makes your concrete floors look like they were made of bricks or natural stones.
  • Stain design: this is an out-of-the-box design approach. It involves the use of simple staining techniques to infuse stain designs into concrete structures. It works for both interior and exterior flooring.
  • Polish Touch: this is a design approach in which decorative concrete slabs are installed in a designated area. These make your concrete structures more durable and physically appealing. Yet it is affordable, with little to no maintenance costs.
  • Exposed aggregate design: Here the flat top layer of your concrete structure is removed to display the uneven interior aggregates. This will give an interesting (unpolished) look to your repaired concrete structure. Durability is the same, but texture differs, and that forms a design that speaks aesthetically.

How much is concrete resurfacing?

It is way cheaper than going for other floor types, so generally speaking, it is affordable.

This is just a way to spice up your concrete structures and make them more attractive.

Still not convinced? Let’s talk about the other benefits of decorative concrete resurfacing.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

  • Do you know that decorative concrete resurfacing helps in keeping your house warmer? This type of concrete resurfacing also makes your environment soundproof, since that is one of the natural properties of concrete.
  • Decorative concrete repair also helps to make your repaired structure immune to spills, scratches, and dirt. After a successful concrete resurfacing procedure, you will not have to spend a fortune on maintenance. Decorative concrete repairs make the structure more durable.
  • Resurfaced structures are also waterproof and spill-proof. For the concrete structure with high traffic usage, there might be no need to resurface in the next two years.
  • Are you allergic to dust, dirt, etc.? Then concrete resurfacing will be a brilliant option for you. Concrete surfaces are easier to clean when compared to carpets.
  • Concrete floors are relatively cheaper and easier to produce when compared to other flooring types.


Indeed concrete surfaces are affordable, durable and better than other types of surfacing, but that is just like a naked cake without decorative icing. Decorative concrete resurfacing is like the icing on the cake. It’s time to spice up your environment with a touch of decorative concrete that keeps eyes glued like never before.

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