What do remedial builders do?

Remedial builders are generally renowned for bringing an impressive amount of building construction knowledge to the table for a range of repair, maintenance and survey work. However, what exactly does a remedial builder do? When should you be calling one in and when should you be turning to a different tradesperson or builder?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to everything you need to know about remedial builders.

What is a remedial builder?

Remedial builders are a specialised type of tradespeople who focus specifically on repairing and rectifying damage or defects in existing buildings. 

Unlike your average builder who might be involved in the construction of new homes or buildings, a remedial builder focuses instead on diagnosing, addressing and repairing a variety of structural issues in establishments that already are standing and in use.

What sort of services does a remedial builder provide?

It can be difficult to outline everything that a remedial builder can and does do day to day, but in general their services can be categorised into roughly three groups.

1. Structural Repairs

Structural repairs certainly range in terms of type, size, complexity and requirement. Some repairs can be as simple as fixing cracks found in walls or foundations of a building, while other services include underpinning sinking foundations and repairing structural damage whether it’s timber or concrete.

2. Waterproofing Repairs

Waterproofing work can include anything from fixing leaking roofs to repairing faulty or broken gutters and downpipes. A remedial builder can even address moisture penetration issues as well.

3. Restoration Repairs

Remedial builders also provide restorative work that may not actually be technically structural in nature. A damaged or worn facade, flooring replacement, or general building repair could all be effectively carried out by a remedial builder. 

BIM Sydney Services

Here at BIM Sydney, for example, our remedial builders offer all of the following services to our clients:

  • Balcony upgrades 
  • Brickwork rectification
  • Concrete repair
  • Facade restoration
  • General maintenance and repair work
  • Industrial and commercial maintenance and repair
  • Magnesite removal
  • Rope access services
  • Waterproofing 

What sort of services does a remedial builder NOT provide?

Typically, a remedial builder would not provide construction services. General builders are usually the go-to tradespeople when it comes to needing to construct new buildings (and/or demolish old ones). 

On the other end of the spectrum, it is likely that your remedial builder would perform minor handiwork or repairs such as replacing a cracked tile or fixing a loose doorknob.

It is also important to note that remedial builders are neither licensed or qualified electricians or plumbers. So any electrical or plumbing work will need to be done by a certified tradesperson. 

When should you call a remedial builder?

There are a few telltale signs that you should engage the services of a remedial builder.

If you see any cracks in either the walls or the foundations it may be indicative of a structural problem that needs to be addressed urgently. In instances when the issue is not structural or dangerous, a remedial builder can still assist with repairs.

If you notice that your roof, gutter or walls are exhibiting signs of water leakage you should call remedial builders. Ongoing moisture penetration can cause serious damage to a property if not repaired properly. 

For those with homes or commercial properties made of timber or concrete structures, be on the lookout for damaged flooring, rotting joists, or cracked concrete slabs. These could potentially indicate a compromised structure that needs urgent repair work and attention.

If you begin to notice that doors and windows are sticking when you try to open or close them, or that gaps between walls and ceilings are increasing, or that the floors themselves seem to become increasingly uneven, there may be structural issues at play as well. It is highly recommended you call a remedial builder before the issues become worse.

How do remedial builders work?

Should you need to engage the services of a remedial builder the first thing that you can expect is an onsite inspection. This will allow the tradesperson the opportunity to view the property and the issue, identify the cause of the defect and diagnose the problem. 

Following this, they will likely provide you with a written plan outlining the proposed repair work in detail and the estimated costs associated with it. Should you go ahead, they will then arrange the repairs to be done professionally and to a high standard of quality. 

Structural and remedial repairs can be a stressful and costly undertaking, which is why the best remedial builders will provide transparent and continuous communication throughout the process. That way you can have peace of mind that all of your questions and concerns will be addressed. 

Need a remedial builder Sydney wide? Call us today!

Remedial builders play a crucial role in maintaining the safety, structural integrity and quality of buildings. Whether there is a serious defect that needs repairing to minimise potential hazards or ongoing building-related maintenance to keep everything in order, these versatile specialists are the ones to call.

If you’re based in Sydney, and need a remedial builder, the BIM team is here to help. We’re an established and professional contractor with years of experience and a stellar reputation. But, more relevantly for you, our team is responsive and our service is of impeccable quality. So, if you are looking for a remedial builder to come onsite as soon as possible, just give us a call today.

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