Preventing concrete repairs

As a concrete repair service it is not uncommon for us look at a situation where damage has taken place to concrete that possibly could have been prevented through various remedies throughout the duration of the early and late stages of the concrete. Operating as a concrete repair service we have seen a wide range of various types of damage to concrete and the best action to take it often ensuring the damage doesn’t take place in to begin with which isn’t always feasible. Failing being able to prevent the damage, we firmly believe that the earlier you address the issue, the better the outcome will be for the property. Here we cover off some of the actions you can take to assist in minimising the damage as it’s occurring or even avoid the damage all together where feasible. It can be known that when the concrete is initially being mixed before being poured or applied to a surface, if excessive water is used in the mixture, this has been known to lead to cracks. Therefore, hiring a reputable contractor to carry out the concrete works can be pivotal is helping you avoid having to deal with concrete issues. If the concrete dries rapidly, this is also known to possibly create cracks in concrete too. Depending on the area the concrete is laid, waterproofing the concrete area has been found to be beneficial where this is feasible. Note that this cannot be achieved in all cases, but where this can be done, it is recommended to consider this option.

Quality Waterproofing

Being specialists in the field of concrete repair we have a deep appreciation for everything associated with concrete as we are continually assessing customers damaged concrete areas and advising on solutions for the concrete repair and ways the concrete damage could have been avoided. BIM Remedial is often appointed to carry out waterproofing works on sites throughout Sydney. If you’re not in the concreting field then you might not know the process of concrete waterproofing. As a concrete repair service we understand the kind of devastation that can take place if this job isn’t completed to a high standard or missed entirely. Concrete waterproofing is the process of coating the concrete with a waterproofing layer and is typically one of the best ways to protect concrete structures. During our time operating as a concrete repair service we’ve had to apply concrete waterproofing as a concrete repair measure to existing damage and we have also been called out to apply waterproofing as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of potential concrete cancer down the track. To give your concrete the best chances of survival and avoid having to pay unwanted concrete repair costs, reach out to BIM Remedial for a further discussion today.

Before Appointing Any Contractor

Being in the space of concrete repairs we have witnessed customers being promised services from a contractor they have hired that were either miscommunicated between the parties or the works weren’t carried out as promised. Before hiring any contractor there are endless amounts of checks for you to carry out before giving the job to someone who might be new to you and handing over your hard earned money for a job you expect to be completed to a higher standard. Some considerations to make before appointing a contractor for any works is to start by asking family and friends if there is someone they can recommend for the works. This helps lower some risk if the contractor has previously carried out works to a high standard for someone else you know then hopefully they can also do the same for you. Failing any recommendations you can always post on community groups on social media for recommendations. However, you should still carry out further due diligence on your end before appointing them for any works. It is worth running an ABN check on the business to ensure they are a legitimate enterprise and also checking if the business is registered for GST also adds to the legitimacy of a business. If any contractor requests immediate upfront payment before beginning any works you should be very suspicious of handing over any funds before seeing any works start. Although some of our considerations provided are not extensive, you should always take some time out to research who your choosing to complete the work. At BIM Remedial we work extra hard to ensure customer satisfaction and are continually striving to exceed customer expectation on all concrete repair services we carry out.

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