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  • Is your building prone to leaks?
  • Is your property exposed to heavy rainfall?
  • Is your home battling mould growth?

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We are the premier providers of cavity flashing services for residential and commercial properties across Sydney.

We know how important reliable cavity closure flashing is in protecting your investment, and ensure that the job is done right, first time, every time.

Why choose BIM Sydney?

Without the right remedial builders behind you, you could be leaving your property open to water damage, compromised structural integrity, reduced safety and uncomfortable living.

Our team of builders has years of experience in cavity flashing detail. We’re dedicated to delivering top-notch replacements and delivering peace of mind to our valued clients.

  • Waterproof your property
  • Maintain structural integrity
  • Ensure complete safety

Whether your property is a residential dwelling, a multi-residential building or a commercial property in Sydney, make sure to give our team a call today to arrange an onsite inspection and custom quote.

What is cavity flashing?

Cavity flashing involves a specialised construction technique to prevent water and moisture from penetrating into your building.

We use proven waterproof materials to create a barrier within your wall cavities, placed at strategic locations. This membrane flashing ensures water is redirected away from vulnerable areas and doesn’t pose a threat to your property.

With professionally installed cavity flashing, you can maintain the structural integrity of your building, prevent mould build-up, and ensure there is no unwarranted decay. 

How we work

1. Onsite consultation

Before we get to proposing any cavity closure flashing solution, we will visit your property in person and provide a thorough consultation of the current condition of your walls and cavity flashing.

This allows us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the problem and propose a best-practice cavity flashing replacement solution.

2. Tailored proposal

Based on our assessment and diagnosis of the problem, our remedial building team will put together a tailored proposal outlining the scope of the proposed solution, transparent pricing and an accurate schedule for completion. 

By providing all of the information and costs upfront, we ensure that our clients don’t come across any nasty surprises along the journey.

3. Professional cavity flashing replacement

We’ll find a convenient and minimally disruptive time with you to install the cavity flashing replacement. 

By procuring the highest quality of waterproofing materials and utilising proven and industry-leading application techniques, you can rest assured we’ll get the job done right.


Old classing removal

First, we’ll remove the old exterior cladding or finishes to access the existing wall cavity.


Next, we’ll extract the damaged, deteriorated or worn cavity materials that are failing to provide adequate waterproofing to your property.


At this stage, we prepare the cavity space for new materials by cleaning and clearing it out thoroughly.


Once completed, we can install the new and high-quality cavity materials, including insulation and moisture barriers.


Next, our team will install the appropriate flashing detail to manage any potential water penetration.


The cavity is sealed expertly and carefully to secure a preventative barrier against air and water infiltration.

Cladding replacement

Last, all exterior cladding and/or finishes are reinstalled and replaced so that the area looks as good as new.

  1. Quality check and control

Cavity flashing is only as good as its functionality. We conduct comprehensive quality checks to ensure the replacement meets the highest of standards.

Working with remedial builders for all things cavity flashing

Unmatched experience

Our team of highly skilled professionals are supported by years of industry experience in cavity flashing. We’re fully licensed and completely certified to carry out cavity flashing replacements and specialise in both residential and commercial properties. Our depth and breadth of experience will give you the confidence that we have the skill and know-how to execute your cavity flashing solution with precision and attention to detail.

Uncompromising craftsmanship

We’re committed to excellence and put our commitment to work in everything we do. We follow best practices in cavity flashing and waterproofing. 

When we consult with you onsite, we’ll not just identify a proposed solution but also diagnose the root cause of the problem so that the cavity flashing detail provided ensures long-term protection from water penetration. 

Tailored solutions

Every property and every case is unique, so the remedial construction solution should be as well. Our proposals are all tailored to our client’s needs and situations. Combining effectiveness with efficiency, it’s no wonder BIM Sydney has developed a reputation for providing optimally performing solutions.

Transparent communication

Dealing with remedial construction issues on your property can be stressful. By providing open and honest communication throughout the process, we help to alleviate the unnecessary stress in the process. All of our communication is transparent, from pricing to timelines, so that you are completely informed, in control, and unconcerned.

Quality assurance

In addition to operating to the highest of industry standards, we also provide services up to and exceeding the expectations of our clients. With a strong quality assurance process, our cavity flashing replacement services are subject to rigorous testing measures to guarantee longevity and effectiveness. 

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