An experienced remedial building company can make life a whole lot easier for strata managers

An experienced remedial building company can make life a whole lot easier for strata managers.

All too often, strata managers face issues with the buildings under their watch as a result of defects caused by poor construction, weather exposure and general wear and tear.

Whether it is responding to signs of concrete cancer, addressing a cracked driveway, or organising balcony repairs, it is important to get these problems and others fixed quickly and professionally. The positive news is that such repair and maintenance work need not be so stressful if strata managers take the following advice.

Get remediation specialists to do the work

While individual tradespeople and handymen may be able to take on some repairs, it is important to get remediation specialists to address issues that may be the result of long-term structural problems with a building or its surrounds.

These experts are accustomed to working with strata managers who look after commercial and multi-residential properties. They also know how important it is to respond quickly and reliably to building problems and to get the job done right the first time.

Insist on a project plan

Experienced remediation experts appreciate the importance of liaising honestly with strata managers and delivering on their promises. Up front, they should be able to provide you with a clear plan to identify the problem, outline the repair work that is needed, and estimate the likely timeframe for the job, or accordingly work with your consultant or engineer to do this. This will give you a solution that is on time, and on budget.

Put a premium on communication

Another advantage of dealing with remediation specialists, rather than individual tradies or smaller building businesses, is that they are experienced in communicating with all stakeholders who are involved in a remedial project. They will advise owners and residents about works that are planned, and alert them to any disruptions they are likely to experience.. They can also co-ordinate any traffic-management systems that may be required, and arrange for sign-off with building owners or managers.

Understand the importance of coordination

One of the biggest bugbears of strata managers is dealing with multiple trades when significant building repair work is needed. The plumbers may not turn up on time, or the electricians may not be available when the builders need them.

However, remediation specialists can call on their trusted network of tradespeople to coordinate the work, which in turn can make a real difference to the length and cost of the project. Such management also limits disruptions to tenants and residents.

Play it safe

Completing works in a safe environment is the number one priority for all stakeholders, without exception. As a bare minimum, a remediation specialist should complete a risk assessment prior to works commencing to ensure the safety of all parties involved. Preferably, the contractor should be ISO certified to raise the bar further and hold accreditation with relevant industry bodies such as ACRA.

Awarding projects, no matter how large or small, to organisations without any of the above accreditation introduces the risk of failure with regard to safety and quality – which can ultimately have an impact on the budget and program.

 The bottom line is that strata management is difficult and stressful enough without having to deal with building repair dramas. So, to relieve any headaches, make sure you contact a respected remediation specialist who has a proven track record in the industry.

Unacceptable or poor-quality repairs are a problem that strata managers can do without. So schedule a call to have your building repair needs identified and fixed.

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