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Balcony membrane service

Leaking balconies are a common problem. Leaks within the surface of a balcony can lead to mould along with structural and pest problems. With various solutions for balcony leaks we can suggest the right repair for you today.

Process for Membranes

Initial investigation and Analysis
Our experienced teams will examine the balcony. Tell-tale signs of leaks include smell, tile and grout discolouration, gaps around tiles or swollen timbers around door frames.

High Pressure Water Blasting
In order to ensure the work we complete is of the highest possible standard, we ensure the surfaces we work on are as clean as possible. We use high pressure water blasting to thoroughly clean down the surface we are repairing.

Waterproof Balcony Membrane Solution
We use a membrane application that can be applied to the surface of any balcony, courtyard or terrace tiles. This means that we may be able to avoid ripping up and replacing tiles in order to seal the surface. This innovative approach to applying membrane solution can be more effective and cheaper in most cases.

For leaking balcony talk to one of our contractor about your project. Call us today on 02 9938 1740 or 0418 407 419 or email us at or contact us online for a Free Quote.

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