3. Magnesite Removal

BIM Remedial has over 20 years of experience removing and replacing magnesite.

What is magnesite?

Magnesite was a building material used in many apartment buildings as a floor leveller topping over concrete floor slabs.

Magnesite contains Magnesium Chloride and when it is exposed to moisture it releases harmful chlorides into the concrete, which in turn attacks and corrodes the steel reinforcing.

Chloride release is worse in moist locations typically such as bathrooms, kitchens and balcony door thresholds. In extreme cases the steel reinforcing within the concrete can be completely corroded.

Our expert team can quickly remove all of the magnesite topping and repair any damaged concrete beneath. We are also well versed in the installation of cement-based floor leveller toppings to allow for the laying of any surface finishes, such as carpet, tiles or timber.