2. Concrete Repair

BIM Remedial have a team of highly skilled and experienced concrete repair specialists.

Our team can assist with:

  • Spalling concrete (concrete cancer).
  • Cathodic protection.
  • Carbon fibre strengthening.
  • Structural and waterproofing crack injection repairs.
  • New concrete slabs and driveways.
  • Existing slab levelling.
  • Construction joints (vertical, horizontal and floor joints).
  • Chemical resistant coatings, including epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems.
  • Internal and external waterproofing.

Concrete Spalling &

Concrete Crack



Spalling, cracked or damaged concrete is much more than just an eyesore. Left untreated, compromised concrete can quickly lead to serious structural problems requiring extensive remediation.

Concrete cancer occurs when the chloride ions within the concrete and/or the carbonation absorbed from the atmosphere are activated by the presence of water. This in turn corrodes the steel reinforcing within the concrete, which expands as it corrodes and so cracks the concrete itself.

If left untreated concrete cancer can lead to serious structural deterioration resulting in extensive and expensive repairs.

The expert concrete repair and protection solutions offered by BIM Remedial are always an efficient and cost-effective way of addressing all types of concrete damage.


Why does concrete crack?

There are a number of reasons why concrete cracks. The most common is because concrete shrinks as the excess water evaporates and it hardens. Unfortunately, too often contractors add too much water to the mix, which makes it easier to apply but also more vulnerable to cracking.

Together with heavy machinery driving over concrete may lead to further cracking. Its very common for industrial warehouse and factory floors to experience cracked and shattered concrete floors due to the fact that they are highly trafficable areas.

If you are an owner of a property that has concrete cracks then you must address this as soon as feasible. An owner may become liable should a person trips and injures themselves due to the cracks in the concrete floor. This is reason enough for an owner of a property to repair their cracked floors.

Cracked floors can weaken the structural integrity of your warehouse. Left alone they can become worse, further presenting a hazard and a risk to employees and visitors. Afterall cracks will not repair themselves and they just don’t go away over time. The longer the cracks are left the larger the problem becomes. Larger cracks means more work to repair which obviously means more expense to the owner.

Your property, be it a warehouse, factory or commercial space, is your investment. Unfortunately your investment may need occasional maintenance which would include repairing the cracks to your concrete floor. Doing so, will ensure the highest level of return when it comes time to selling or even leasing your property. Your property without cracks would a far better investment to that astute buyer.


Driveway and other car parking related services

Our professional clients trust us with their concrete works involving driveways, car parking, patio and roadwork. We are experienced in:

  • Coloured concrete
  • Plain concrete
  • Stencil concrete
  • Council crossings
  • Drive ways, paths and patios
  • Paths
  • Council kerb and gutter

BIM have years of experience and expertise in concrete slabs, concrete driveways, stencil concreting, concrete resurfacing.

We offer a reliable concrete construction contracting service throughout the Sydney metropolitan area mainly in the areas of project management, civil concrete construction, civil earth works, structural steel works, ready mixed concrete production and delivery.

When we undertake concrete works we ensure minimal disruption to tenants, owners of properties or workers. We ensure strong communication and manage the process of notifying residents or workers or any changes or disruptions and set up alternative options.

We then ensure efficient concreting is undertaken and any certification is undertaken before driveways, car parks or roads become operational.

We are an approved contractor for Northern Beaches Council.